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Middle & High School

Main Campus Front Entrance



Our Middle and High Schools cover grades 6-12 and are located at the AZACS Main Campus, at 4125 N.14th St. Phoenix, AZ 85014.


The Middle School program is unique in that it offers special education students the opportunity to rotate to different teachers for each subject area. To serve students with diverse learning needs, there are three types of programs offered; the Academic Program, for students working at or near grade level, the Modified Academic Program, for students needing modifications to the general education curriculum and the Functional Academic Program for students with intensive needs. Students have a block schedule and rotate to classes including English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Life Skills, and Fine Arts. Specials include Music, Ballroom Dance and P.E. All programs are supported by speech therapists, occupational therapists and behavior specialists.


AZACS High School program is proud to have the first AZACS graduating class, the class of 2022. The High School is operating out of the AZACS Main Campus.  At the High School level, AZACS will continue to offer the Academic, Modified Academic and Functional Academic Programs, and offers courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts and Digital Media. Students will rotate to subject area teachers and receive High School credits toward a state accredited diploma in all courses. Another very important element of the AZACS High School is the Life Skills program, which will focus on students’ transition plans, getting them college and career ready or prepare them for post-secondary vocational and training opportunities. AZACS offers Life Skills courses using the Learn4Independence curriculum, licensed by the First Place Transition Academy and has a Life Skills Mock Apartment onsite to help students practice independent living skills. 


For more information about the AZACS High School, contact Upper School ABA Director, Allan Smith at [email protected] or Campus Co-Director Denise Ballard at [email protected]